Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The sun set tonight.

It always does.

A blaze of glory in the western sky,

Closing the day.

Did you see the flames caress the moon as she rose?

Or were you sleeping, dreaming of survival.

It will not come again, that moment.

Once missed it is forever gone.

There are stars tonight, a faint light in the heavens,

Almost drowned by the glow of cities,

Yet ever present on the edge of vision,

Scattered motes of possibility in the darkness.

Dawn will follow.

It always does.

A gentle birthing in the eastern sky.

Will you greet the sun?

Watch the delicate petals unfold a new beginning?

It will not come again.

Not this dawn.

Will you take this virgin morn

And make it yours?

Or will you sleep?

14 Derbyshire (9)

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