4 steps to writing your Amazon book blurb – notes from #20BooksLondon


Sharing a bit more of what I learned at 20BooksLondon, here is a resume of the notes I took on blurb writing.

Now I’m fairly confident about my blurb writing ability, but I’m very aware in this industry things change – what works this week doesn’t next (especially in marketing), so any of the latest nuggets are likely to be helpful. And of course, you can always ignore advice if you don’t feel it’s right for you.

There is a lot of conflicting advice about blurbs out there (ask questions/don’t ask questions, long/ short, share quotes from reviews/don’t share etc.), but what you should always remember is, a blurb is NOT a synopsis of your book – it is a tool to sell your book.

Always do a bit of research first and check out the blurbs of the most successful books in your genre, because, you know, always copy…

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