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Sadly this is the last of the posts from the archives of Debby Gies (until she kindly delves back in again for the next series!). This is about things we miss… and take for granted… until they are no longer there.

I miss my house that we moved from two years ago. Not the bricks and mortar so much as the outside living spaces, garden and sunshine. Ireland is beautiful in the sun and even on a misty wet day…. but swapping 300 days of sunshine for 300 days of rain has slightly taken the edge of it.

Anyway.. Debby shares her thoughts on her house, garden and old shopping buggy.

Things We Keep by D.G. Kaye

Today's thought

I miss my house.

As I sat on my apartment balcony, drinking my morning coffee, I looked at the vast blue sky as I drank in the sun’s unseasonably warm rays. The trees…

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