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Welcome to the latest gardening column with Paul Andruss.. This week Paul is sharing the wonderful varieties and colour of the Primula family.

Paul’s Gardening Column- Primulas

Primrose Hybrids (Richard Jacksons garden)

Primroses and Cowslips are fashionable once more as gardeners are being encouraged to have wild flowers as food for insects in the garden. In folklore they are associated with the fairies as they were believed to grow along fairy paths. They are thought to be flower associated with the Welsh Celtic heroine Olwen of the White Track.
They are extraordinarily eye catching and cheap, so you can get hit of early spring colour. In fact that is the origin of the name: primula means ‘first’ flowering.
Although cousins, their main difference between primose and cowslip is the primrose bears many single flowers on individual stems while the cowslip has a rosette of flowers on one stem. You find…

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