Dawn at Hawk Hill

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Hellooo!” said the unnecessarily cheerful voice at the end of the phone. “You sound wide awake!”
“I am,” I replied, though four in the morning is no time for anyone to be dragged from sleep. I reached for the coffee, let the dog out into the blackness of night and stood shivering on the doorstep. “See you shortly.”

My son was going out and greet the dawn. Being official taxi driver as well as parent and carer, that meant I was going too. There had been a long discussion about where we would go to see the sunrise.
“It’s not natural,” had said my son as I vetoed all his suggested venues. “How can you possibly know what direction all these places face?”

I shrugged. “I just do.” Perhaps because I have done so much driving and spent so much time outdoors, perhaps it is something we all…

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