Stevie Turner

A few weeks back I wrote of the delights of that website where illegal downloads of your books can be ‘blasted’ away.  I signed up for the free version, and after the first 1000 or so blasts, it settled down to between 20 – 40 blasts per day.  However, more recently there have been increasing numbers of illegal copies for me to blast, 500 at a time, and I’ve started to wonder if the whole exercise is yet another money-making scheme to hoover up authors’ meagre royalties.

Some authors have started to tell me that they’re now paying for the blasts, although my account is still free.  For people that are paying, please can you tell me how many ‘blasts’ there are each day that the organisers carry out?   On my account there is an ‘auto-blast’, where for a monthly fee you don’t have to sit there and blast…

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