Did I screw my writing career by switching genres? #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

I have been contemplating a change of genre lately. (I’m still not sure how I stumbled into writing mystery thrillers) I always like spooky supernatural stories, and a good part of me wants to write one, but maybe, after reading your post, I will wait a while!

D.E. Haggerty

The title is a bit harsh, but I’m feeling somewhat raw this morning. Let me explain. I recently published Searching for Gertrude, a historical romance. My previous eight books were either romantic comedies or funny, cozy mysteries. With six of those novels being part of two series, I’d built up a teensy-weensy following. But then I decided to write a novel about wartime Istanbul. There isn’t a joke to be found in Searching for Gertrude – even though being funny is the reason I’d finally started selling a book or two.

What happened when I switched genres? The first backlash occurred when I approached my list of readers and bloggers who normally agree to read and review my novels. A good portion weren’t interested in this novel. They wanted another romantic comedy or light mystery – not something serious and even somewhat depressing at times.

And then there are…

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