Notes from a small dog: Working overtime…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I despair of my two legs sometimes, I really do.

“But,” she said, silencing my objections to the pigeon who had invaded my airspace, “you are a bird dog… ” This is true. It is in my genes… so none of it is my fault. “And anyway,” she said, “it will make a nice change… give you something else to watch instead of the fish while I’m out at work.”

At the risk of sounding as if I come from the current generation of two-legs’ pups… OMG!

Granted, she’s been out much longer than usual lately. But… does she think I need anything else to do while she’s at work? Is it not enough that I patrol the hallway to protect it from the mailman? Or that I police the aquarium…’cause, you know, some of those fish can get a bit carried away sometimes. ‘Specially the new one with the…

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