Life Begins… #bookreview #barbtaub #lifebeginswhenthekidsleavehomeandthedogdies


I worked with a chap for many years who kept neat to-do lists on post-its. As he progressed up the slippery pole of management, the post-its got bigger and the to-dos more important. They were always laid out the same way. A neat set of columns, with a bullet denoting the start of a new to-do with the to-do itself in squared capitals. He had the habit of leaving a space at the bottom of each column, probably to be able to add in another to-do should the need arise. What I never discerned, when sitting opposite him and studying that day’s little square of yellow, was how he prioritised. ‘Bank’ might jostle with ‘see senior partner’, but after ‘buy stamps’. Some wag, relishing the opportunity afforded by the space at the bottom for a bit of boyish waggery, began to sneak in and add some items that had clearly…

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