Down the Snow Stairs

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

northagain 073It has been a weekend of inclement weather. When the Siberian winds finally dropped, the snow fell, closing roads and making even the shortest journey hazardous.

Snow always takes me back to childhood, even when it is inconvenient or the conditions on the roads become downright scary. There is a magical quality to the silence and purity that blankets the world and that feeling seems to override any memory of the impracticality or frustration heavy snow can bring.

Two of the first ‘proper’ books that I remember lsitening to when I was a child feature snow. One was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, which must be one of the best loved children’s books around. The other is far less well-known these days.

I remember being curled up against my mother, probably way too young for the horrors of the story by today’s standards. I…

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