Bloody Hell!

Stevie Turner

Yesterday it was time to face ‘The Beast from the East’ snowstorm,  who was consorting rather too closely with Storm Emma for my liking, and take a 5 mile trip to the doctor’s surgery to have a routine blood test to check my thyroxine level after a small reduction in medication.

The prospect didn’t fill me with undiluted pleasure.  This is me below in our garden, just trudging to the shop for a loaf of bread, so you can imagine what the country roads around our village are like:


Sam did his gentleman bit and offered to drive me there, so off we set, slipping and sliding about.  Sam didn’t drive too fast – about 20 mph for the 4 mile journey to the main A143, taking extra care on the bends.  We live in the arse end of nowhere, and it was only the last mile or so on…

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