Smorgasbord Writer in Residence – According to the Muse (A monologue in 2 parts) Part Two – Born to Die by Paul Andruss

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Time for one of the posts by our Writer in Residence Paul Andruss who gave us plenty to think about in terms of poetry in part one of According to the Muse:

I am enjoying being educated about this ancient form of storytelling. I will admit to finding some modern poets difficult to engage with. I tend to read poetry out loud, but it seems that some poets have not done so themselves. Tonality, timbre and breath bring poetry alive, as with the travelling bards of long ago, reciting the epic poems of heroism and adventure. They were plays with a cast of many uttered by one.

Anyway.. on with part two and if your reaction to the last post is anything to go by there will be plenty of discussion. Paul digs deep into the very origins of poetry………

According to the Muse (A monologue in 2 parts)…

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