Murder most fowl…?

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The sun rose, casting a rose-gold glow across a frozen world. I watched the daily miracle soften the sky, grateful that my home faces east that every day brings a reminder of renwa, and every dawn reminds me that now is a new beginning I can embrace if I choose. The sun also rose on a small black dog. The morning was bitterly cold and, as always, I stood at the door and watched as Ani made her first foray into the garden. You could see her disappointment in every line of her body. There was not the snowfall she had hoped for… no drifts in which to bounce, no snowflakes to chase… barely enough play with. And, judging from the look she gave me, it was quite obvious who she was holding responsible for the situation.

I was none too pleased myself. If I am going to freeze, then…

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