Why I use Chapter Titles #WriterWednesday #AmWriting

I have been thinking about doing this!

D.E. Haggerty

The majority of fiction novels do not have chapter titles but, rather, stick with a rather boring (at least in my opinion) numbering system. I’ve always used chapter titles for my fictional writing. I started using titles as my first novel, Unforeseen Consequences, is told from the perspective of four different protagonists and has three different timelines. I needed those titles, so I wouldn’t confuse myself while writing! (Yes, writers can literally lose the plot.)

As I increased my online presence, I started getting review requests from other indie authors. I noticed that the majority of these novels did not contain chapter titles. Still, I trudged on using chapter titles. In fact, I started spending more and more time on them. Why? Why waste hours and hours of valuable writing time figuring out chapter titles? What purpose do chapter titles serve?

Attract Readers. This is the most obvious reason…

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