Frozen #midnighthaiku

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Force stopped in its tracks
Frozen moment magnified
Beauty’s mastery

It is not the weather to be outside messing around with water, but the Siberian temperatures are playing havoc with the pond. I have been managing to keep the surface fairly clear of ice for the fish, but all was not well when I arrived at my son’s home.

The water level had dropped dramatically and the pond needed to be topped up urgently. It is pretty much heron-proof as a rule, but when the levels drop too far, the big birds can land and fish from the slope we created to allow accident-prone animals and birds to get out if they fell in the water.

Unfortunately, the fifty foot length of hosepipe was also frozen solid and had no chance of thawing. I would have dragged the hose into the sun and taken a chance, until I noticed the…

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