…if February had been a fish, I’d have thrown it back by now…

Who made you victim of the month?

Seumas Gallacher

…once upon a time, the famous actor, John Gielgud, was invited to a soiree… on the appointed date, he was unwell and couldn’t attend and sent a note of regret to the hostess — ‘Gielgud don’t Fielgud!’Master Gallacher lays no claim to originality nor to comparison to the legendary thespian’s talents, but right now, I’m totally in sync with the great man’s sentiments… February 1st kicked off with the discovery of a dangerously infected abscess on my upper inside left leg which required an emergency operation under general anesthetic… I’ve already bored you with a blog post about that joyous event… comes now the bookend of the month to discover the need for another foray to the hospital with an attack of shingles on the left side of my head and face, which has attacked my left eye (what is it with my sinistral body parts…

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