Fruit for Thought

Stevie Turner

It’s been about 9 months since my 30 sessions of neck radiotherapy finished, and I’ve been lucky enough to have had 2 clear scans since then.  However, I’ve heard it said that radiation damages DNA, and something weird has happened that I can only put down to the radiotherapy.

Before treatment I used to love eating bananas, pineapple and grapes.  Since a child I had found that oranges would make me feel sick or even upchuck.  Dot would eat an orange every day and tried without success to get me to do the same (sometimes the kid just ‘knows’), and as a teenager and adult had really wanted nothing more to do with them!  Indeed, on one of my food allergy tests it was noted of my intolerance not only to cow’s milk, but also to oranges.  I couldn’t even drink fresh orange juice, as it would sit in my…

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