A Week from Hell

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

We get times like that, don’t we? Days, weeks and even months when everything seems to go wrong; when energy is all drained away; when physical symptoms flare up and moods plummet; when connection with loved ones and friends seems to have been untimely severed; when everything we touch appears to turn to rank ordure…

This past week has been a particularly fine – using the word ironically and sardonically – example of human Hell.

For reasons of confidentiality (and respect for those I care about), two main strands of this week’s ball of stress will not see the light of day on here. It would be insensitive and wrong for me to share what are, in essence, other people’s stories, traumas and points of vulnerability. All I will say, as a kind of general summing up, is that almost everyone I know has been going through it, in some…

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