First February Blog


First February Blog.

Strange how thoughts come to you in the most unexpected places!

I was sitting in my daughter’s car outside Tescos and, having nothing better to do, I began observing the customers going in and out of the building. It was a Sunday so, though not a heaving mass, many people were doing shopping.

Then it dawned on me, engaged my brain if you will, that there were a lot more men than women entering or leaving the store.. In my younger days, you rarely saw a man doing shopping. It was nearl all women, many accompanied by one or more children.

This was the norm. Men worked, women shopped, looked after house and children then knitted etc.

Not so any more.

I saw heaped trollys being pushed out of the store by…….men. Men on their own. Men without children or women. And I wondered just when this…

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