Meet Guest Author Paul Andruss…

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About Paul Andruss

Since a facial paralysis problem some years ago, Paul has chosen to live in the shadows and is known only by an avatar.

Avatar (20th Century Fox) Darkman (Universal Pictures) Conrad Veidt (The Man who Laughs [1928] – inspiration for, and coloured as, The Batman’s Joker – Universal Pictures/ Andruss), Finn Mac Cool book cover (Andruss)

Details are sparse, but I have gathered what information I can from Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord, where Paul is Writer in Residence

Paul Andruss Smorgasbord Writer in Residence Page

Paul Andruss is a writer whose primary focus is to take a subject, research every element thoroughly and then bring the pieces back together in a unique and thought provoking way.

His desire to understand the origins of man, history, religion, politics and the minds of legends who rocked the world is inspiring. He does not hesitate to question, refute or make you…

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