Too Many Men…

Stevie Turner

Reading the BBC News on my iPad this morning, I found out about the desire amongst parents from India to have sons instead of daughters. This has created 21 million ‘unwanted’ girls, a government report estimates.  The authors of this report have also found that 63 million women were ‘missing’ from the population because the preference for sons has led to sex-selective abortions.

In China some years ago we read about how baby girls were left to die in ‘killing rooms’.  Whether this is still going on I don’t know, but all I can gauge here is that women are obviously not valued, apart from being carers and baby machines to produce a favoured son.

So what could be a future outcome of this imbalance in the population? As far as I can see, each family is only thinking of themselves and not looking at the situation as a whole. …

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