Open Book Blog Hop – 29th January

Stevie Turner

Today we’re publishing the results of a survey.  My survey question was ‘Do you think that blogging helps to sell books?’

Here are the answers I received; about 50:50 as to whether blogging actually helps or not. Thanks to all who took the time to answer my question.  I had a great response!

1.  I think it depends on how often you blog and the content you share. From what I’ve read it’s engagement we want then the book sales come as an offshoot.

2.  I think advertising helps sell books, I have my doubts about how much writing a blog helps. I suspect advertising on a bunch of targeted blogs would be more effective.

3.  I don’t think anything helps to sell books, other than a major media review, and a publisher advertising it and putting it in bookstore windows.

4.  Not sell books, but exposure. Getting your name…

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