Review of ‘Didn’t Get Frazzled’ by David Z. Hirsch, MD.

Stevie Turner

It’s not very often I come across a humorous book where the author has just the same dry sense of humour as I have.  I found this out to my delight by reading ‘Didn’t Get Frazzled’ by David Z. Hirsch, MD.  Mr Hirsch has written about what he knows, having qualified as a doctor many years ago.  He writes from the heart in much gory detail about Seth Levine’s years as a medical student, and interspersed with this is Seth’s failing relationship with girlfriend April.


The writing is intelligent and witty, and although some parts I would rather not have read (the gynaecological examination of an obese woman – ugh, and the autopsy of a baby), I did enjoy this book.  I’ve known plenty of consultants who think they’re God.  These doctors have an inbuilt certainty that they’re right and they look down on everybody else from a lofty…

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