Writer in Residence – How the Elephant almost became a whale by Paul Andruss

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Paul Andruss resumes his Writer in Residence duties today and will be writing an exclusive post for the blog once a month.. In addition Paul will be writing the monthly gardening column. This will not be a calendar to plant your bulbs by, but a look at some of the exotics you can grow in your garden or greenhouse, and other interesting snippets that will as always with Paul, make the column Unique..

In the meantime… I know exactly how I turned into a whale over Christmas.. but some creatures took millions of years to achieve that level of mammothness….. the elephant, if not a quirk of evolution might also have ended up there too.

How the Elephant almost became a whale by Paul Andruss

In the Elephant’s Child (Just So Stories) Rudyard Kipling told how the elephant got his trunk. Once the elephant had a bulgy nose; big…

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