Woodsmoke and oranges – a visit to Haddon Hall

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Haddon Hall in Derbyshire is one of the best-preserved Tudor country houses that remain. The history of the Hall goes back almost a thousand years, and for most of that time it has been in the hands of the Vernon and later, the Manners family. When John Manners was made 1st Duke of Rutland in 1703, he and his family moved to Belvoir Castle, leaving Haddon Hall untouched for hundreds of years, thus preserving the medieval and Tudor house from that fashionable modernisation that has altered so many buildings.

‘To the God Mars Bracacia… Quintus Sittius Caecilianus, prefect of the First Cohort of Aquitanians, fulfilled his vow’

The land upon which the house stands had seen earlier occupation. A Roman altar is a surprising find in the porch. The altar was found in the grounds in the…

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