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The Lady's SlipperThe Lady’s Slipper by Deborah Swift
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The Lady’s Slipper is historical fiction set in England during 1660. The people are beginning to recover from the Civil War.

Alice Ibbetson is an artist and keen horticulturalist. A rare orchid had been discovered in a nearby wood and Alice has plans to cultivate the seeds from the plant and save it from extinction. But the plant grows on land owned by another.

Richard has left the army after the war; disillusioned, he has recently become a peace-keeping Quaker. He is disturbed that Alice has taken the orchid from his wood and then lied about her actions, however, there are others also interested in the orchid: Geoffrey Fisk is a rich landowner, he wants to exploit the medicinal benefits of the plant for profit, while local wise-woman, Margaret Poulter, also wants to see the orchid.

Taking the…

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