12 Things Writers Need To Pack For Their 2018 Writing Journey #MondayBlogs #Writer


Happy New Year!

Before we all climb in and buckle up for our 2018 writing journey, I think we need to agree on what needs to be packed. Now I know some of us are very excited about our journey but it’s vital we take the right stuff. We can’t get halfway through 2018 and discover we forgot some important items.

Here’s what I think we need to pack:

  1. Notebooks. In 2017 I fell in love with writing longhand and it has changed me as a writer. There’s something magical about filling up notebooks with observations, novel outlines, character profiles, ideas for plot twists and quotes which have inspired you.
  2. Dark shades. Writing hangovers can play havoc with your eyes and crows feet. If you’ve been burning the midnight oil with your second draft I guarantee you will look rough the next day. So, my creative friends its time…

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