Why My Writing Life Feels Full of Bird Cages #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting #Writer

Lucy Mitchell

This post is a bit weird. Hang in there, reader.

I am hoping this writer stage, which I am labelling as the ‘bird cage‘ stage is common.

I have four draft books, possibly five. I also have a collection of short stories. This year I have worked so hard on writing, fine tuning and rewriting all of them.

My issue is that my stories are starting to feel like precious birds trapped inside cages. When I say, ‘precious’, I’m not blowing my own creative trumpet or anything. Every writer’s stories are precious to them.

I have reached a point where some of my stories, after several drafts, feel like they either need a bigger bird cage or need to be released into the world. Things are starting to feel claustrophobic.


The trouble with being an unpublished writer is that you can find yourself giving the keys to your…

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