The Schrödinger effect – Top 10 writing related posts 2017

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Why the Schrödinger effect? Because words on a page, be that in a book or on a screen, reflect the living imagination of the writer, but are dead until a reader’s imagination gives them life.

For the writer, no matter what the platform, there are few things as satisfying…or as scary… as pressing ‘publish’. Writing can be both a joy and a source of panic and frustration, especially when it seems that writers these days not only need to be able to tell a story, they also need to be tech-savvy, social media and marketing buffs who never run out of coffee or inspiration.

There are literally thousands of excellent technical and professional articles on writing, blogging, publishing and the rest out there. There are posts that inspire, reassure or let you know you are not alone. According to the stats, the posts below are ten most-viewed writing related posts…

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