My New Year’s Gift For You

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I know everyone starts the year with great plans. I’m no different.

  • Number one on my list is to complete my fictionalised account of the dispute between Captain (later Sir) Arthur Kennedy in his role as Poor Law Inspector in Kilrush, and Colonel Crofton Vandeleur and several other landlords responsible for the mass eviction of occupants from their lands in County Clare.
  • Number two is to sell more of my existing books (check them out here.)
  • Number three, but most important, is to do more to promote other authors and their work. One way I’m going to do that is via a series of extended virtual conversations. They will appear on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month, beginning on the 11th January.

Did I mention a gift? You have five days to claim it and you don’t have to do anything, just click on…

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