The Schrödinger effect – Top 10 Sites 2017

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

A blog is designed to be read… and until it is, the words are no more than words; they take flight in the imagination or the writer, but once on the page, they remain silent until awakened by a reader. It is in this act of reading that the writer’s words come to life and both reader and writer share an experience.

Amongst the things I most enjoy writing about are the places we visit. Whether it is an ancient site that bears the traces of our ancestors, thousands of years old, a historic building or a simple wood in springtime… I want to share them all. I cannot take you all with me in person…not unless you join us for a workshop!.. but I do my best to share the experience.

Below are links to ten of the most viewed visits this year. Surprisingly, some of them were written…

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