Smorgasbord Christmas Posts from Your Archives – Nice Christmas? by Pete Johnson

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I hope you have had an amazing time over the last few days. Pete Johnson shares a post from his archives from 2015 on his thoughts on the Christmas he had just experienced.

Nice Christmas? by Pete Johnson

As soon as the calendar hits the 27th of December, the above greeting becomes the standard conversational opening gambit, here in the UK. Everyone from your next-door neighbour, to the lady at the checkout, will immediately inquire, “Nice Christmas?”

Answering this seasonal greeting is an art in itself. The last thing that they want to hear is that you had a bad Christmas, or didn’t even bother to celebrate it. They have no interest in the presents you received, or those you bought for others. They don’t care if the turkey was ruined, or you were held up in traffic somewhere. It is just something to say. Over the years, you…

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