A visit to Haddon Hall

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Every time we had driven past Haddon Hall, I had the feeling we needed to go there. The feeling bugged me a bit, as stately homes have not really been part of our research. We tend to be drawn to the landscape and sites things five thousand years old, rather than five hundred, so I could not see why we should need to visit the place.

But, what with the upcoming Silent Eye annual workshop, The Jewel in the Claw, being set in Elizabethan times and the odd connections with the local gentry that our Riddles weekend had highlighted, we finally decided to let curiosity get the better of us and found ourselves walking up the carriage drive, the morning after Riddles of the Night.

There has been a Hall here for a thousand years… that bit of information already made the visit more intriguing, as it ties…

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