Triberr Group Looking for New Members

Stevie Turner

Are you a member of Triberr?  One of the groups I belong to, Viral Books, run by fellow author Stephen Bentley,  is looking for new members.  I’ll copy and paste the group’s details below:

Link to website

Viral Books is a tribe to promote each and every member’s books by cross-posting each other’s blog posts through all social media channels. Let’s make your book go viral!
Each tribe member will be expected to have a Twitter following of in excess of 3k.
It’s important to note the success of the tribe and individual members will rest on participation. What does that mean? It means regularly checking the activity feed and sharing the RSS feed of all members.

Share, share and share is the motto of this group. Let’s make your book go viral!
Note: A tribe is limited to 30 members. Over the course of time it may be necessary…

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