Ani’s Advent Invitation: The Wrong Christmas…

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Sometimes I am just  torn between knowing what I ought to do… and being tempted. Like the time she left the fridge door open irresistably wide… or the night when she left the chocolates wrapped under the tree, before I knew they were out of bounds… Christmas is one of those times when tempation usually wins.

And if I don’t get into trouble, you can guarantee that she will…or that something will go wrong… Like the year the turkey was stull frozen Christmas morning, or the one when  …or when she woke with ‘flu and had everybody coming to dinner. If stuff might go wrong, at Christmastime, it generally does.

And it isn’t just here either… Pamela from butterflysand seems to know all about it too!

The wrong Christmas
Pamela Read

Jingle bells
something smells
the turkey’s past its prime
the lights are blown
the elves have grown

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