When are you done editing? #WriterWednesday #AmWriting

D.E. Haggerty

Let’s face it – as writers we will never be fully satisfied with a manuscript. It just isn’t in our blood. We want to review each phrase, sentence, and paragraph to ensure every single word is a perfect match for what we are trying to express. At some point, however, we need to stop editing and re-editing and publish our work. If you’re a self-published author, it can be difficult to know exactly when you are ready to publish that book. There are only self-imposed deadlines with which to contend after all. So, how do you know when you are done with editing (and ready to publish your book)?

Although my husband would vehemently disagree, I’m not a perfectionist. I know I’m only human and my novel will always have errors. I’m not perfect, so why should my books be? BUT I want each of my novels to be as…

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