Ani’s Advent – A tale of long ago…

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Last year, I wrote to Santa every day in Advent and, on the very last day, I told him a story. It is a tale that my mother told me when I was a pup, from the Long Remembering of our kind. She said that it is really a story just for the four-legses like me, and that if I ever had puppies of my own, I should tell it to them, so they would not forget.

I never had puppies… just my boys and I gave them all the love I would have given to my pups. But  stories need to be shared lest they be forgotten. So, from my heart to yours, let me tell you of a time long ago…

Much love,




We knew when the Child had been born.

Their Book doesn’t tell them about that, does it? Just the sheep and the…

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