My #BookReview of Police #crimefiction #Thriller The Last Thread by @ray_britain

Rosie Amber

The Last ThreadThe Last Thread by Ray Britain
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three point five stars.

The Last Thread is a contemporary police crime novel set in and around Worcester.

It starts with a tense situation: a suicide attempt on a busy road-bridge with DCI Stirling asked to step in as chief negotiator. A daring photographer later splashes Stirling’s involvement all across the media. As a result, Stirling finds himself removed from day-to-day policing as part of an internal investigation. Hampered further by those with political aspirations to rise through the ranks, he is kept ignorant of any news about the ‘jumper’s’ case.

However, when a body is found in a burnt-out car, staff shortages mean that Stirling is brought back to lead this new investigation. The team discovers a trail of abuse, extortion, lies and deceit as an area-wide investigation digs deep into the past. Through no fault of…

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