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A warm welcome to Joy Lennick who shares her Christmases when evacuated to an aunt in Wales with her two brothers whilst the world was at war.

My Welsh Christmases by Joy Lennick.

With no yard-stick to measure my early life and experiences, which were often common-place and repetitive, while happy, when thrust into a different, alien, while fascinating world, all the nuances and happenings sketched themselves more deeply on my mind.

At seven, I had never been in a war before and my innocence painted a different picture to the reality.

Sometimes, I had played ‘war games’ with my two brothers, whereby we shot at each other with brightly coloured lead soldiers, which could be ‘resuscitated’ at will, despite their wounded cries…on a grey, cardboard fort.

As Dad wrote in his diary: September. We are at war with Germany; 9th Leave. Arrived Dagenham at 12.50 am. Left for Merthyr…

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