Ani’s Advent Invitation: Maggie’s letter to Santa (with a little help from pensitivity101)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I had a lovely note from Maggie. “I’m with you all the way, Ani,” she wrote. “Being dressed up is more for Two Legs, so here’s my letter to Santa to help you out.” Maggie has not been very well lately, so I really appreciate her taking time to help out. She has a really nice two-legs who has looked after her and got her feeling a bit better again. That’s just what you do when you care about people…whether they have two legs or four.


Mind you, I could have used the smelling salts myself when I first saw a picture of Maggie! I thought I was seeing double or something… or that I was going grey around the muzzle all at once! Well….it was uncanny…


So I’m really glad Maggie has written to Santa! I mean, what if he showed up and took one look at…

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