Ani’s Advent Invitation: Dot (and Darlene Foster) with a letter to Santa

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I had a letter from a fellow sufferer. That phrase, “You never know what my mom will make me wear…” It made me cringe… The antlers were bad enough…. and she didn’t keep them on me for any longer than it took her to grab a picture or three.

I consider I was very restrained in my disposal of them. I even left them with stuffing in.

I sincerely hope she hasn’t got anythine else up her sleeve… I may not be so restrained next time…

Dot, though, who looks after Darlene Foster, seems to be a little more forgiving than me…

Much love, Ani xxx

Dot’s letters

Hi Ani!

Here is my letter to Santa. Thanks for sending these on. I’ve sent a picture so Santa knows what I look like. Hope you don’t have to dress up. You never know what my mom will make me wear.


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