Writer in Residence – Paul Andruss – Christmas Story – The Three Sisters (Part Two)

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Yesterday in the first part of the story we meet two sisters who are settled back in the town where they were raised. But things are a little different from what they remember. Jenny meets Mrs. Partridge and wonders at the change in her sister Sally.. Despite a tragic year, is something magical about to happen?

Three Sisters (Part Two) by Paul Andruss

Jenny was shocked by how neglected Pear Tree Cottage looked. When she was a kid it always seemed full of light and sparkle. Her and Sal often took the long way home from school just to pass it.

There used to be fairy lights draped around the inside of the windows and the glass panelled door; strung up the pillars of the porch and wrapped around every single one of the snow columned conifers in the garden. She loved the way the lurid coloured lights painted all…

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