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Silly Willy meets Jack Frost

Christmas day dawned, grey and overcast. Willy peeped out of the window and chirruped with delight, the window pane was covered with frosty, fern-like patterns. Mom came into our bedroom and smiled at Willy’s enthusiasm. “Jack Frost has been visiting”, Mom said.

Jack Frost?” Willy focused on Mom. “Who is Jack Frost”? “Ah”, said Mom. “Jack Frost is the little elven man who carves the pretty patterns into the frost on the window panes. He visits during the night with his chisel and other carving tools and creates all the pictures of fern fronds, flowers and crystals.

Willy was enchanted. Jack Frost sounded very interesting. “What does Jack Frost look like?”

Jack Frost is very scary looking. He is very, very thin with long arms and legs and very long fingers. His long fingers help him to sculpt the frost pictures on the…

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