Ani’s Advent Invitation: ‘Twas the night before Christmas with Millie and K.L. Caley

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Well, it is all hotting up around here! Not the weather, mind you. She’s still shivering. You’d think she’d let her coat grow instead of taking to razor thing to half of it, but I’d best not mention that. All I can say is she needn’t think she’s shaving my paws! Bad enough whenshe wants to trim the long fur on them. Hasn’t she got the sense to realise I have very ticklish pads?

I wonder if reindeer have ticklish toes? If I run into Rudolph, I’ll have to ask him. She says my paws look big enough for reindeer now the fur needs trimming. Well, if we are going to have more snow, what’s good enoug for Donner and Blitzen and the gang is good enough for me.Those reindeer put in some mileage, getting Santa around.

Speaking of Santa, I had a letter from Millie…her two-legs is K.L. Caley…

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