Smorgasbord Christmas Reblog – Miss, a Word in your Ear by Paul Andruss

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We will be seeing a lot of Paul this week as we have a very special story written for you which is being posted on Friday and Saturday.. The Three Sisters and not to be missed.

Paul’s own post on his blog is a fascinating look at one of the most fundamental elements of the Christian Christmas.. the birth of Jesus.

There has always been a mystery surrounding Jesus the man.. the belief in his existence has always caused conflict and is infused with myth, legend and ‘truths’ written centuries after his birth. Paul however, can always be relied on to deconstruct myths and legends and get to the crux of the matter.. this post does carry a warning however…. about strangers whispering sweet nothings in your ear… you have been warned.

Miss, a Word in your Ear by Paul Andruss

Caravaggio: The Annunciation ( Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy:…

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