Riddles of the Night (4) – Leaving the Temple

Sun in Gemini

Bakewell Final Day - 8

The Riddles of the Night weekend, created and hosted by Sue Vincent and Stuart France, reached a dark crescendo on the Saturday night.

Arbour Low night stone One of the Arbor Low stones in our torchlight – that’s how dark it was!

By dark, I mean the kind of physical blackness that comes with an early December trip to the middle of an ancient site at nine in the evening…

After the all-consuming (Saturday) daytime visit to Robin Hood’s Stride, and the nearby stone circle and cliff–face, we needed some simple sustenance. The lovely village of Youlgreave, high in the hills to the south-east of Bakewell, with some good quality pubs, had been chosen for the first part of our evening.

Stuart and Sue had already reserved us a table at one of the pubs, mindful that our agenda was not finished yet. We settled for a single course, as time was passing, and…

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