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Welcome to another piece of Flash Fiction from children’s author Jemima Pett. She mentioned when she sent through the short story that it mirrored her life growing up… as you will see.. What it must be like for the fairy on top of the Christmas tree….

Christmas Past by Jemima Pett

The fairy clambered over the pine needles and came face to face with the globe of blue and white swirls on its golden surface. It was a grand reunion. She remembered when she’d first seen it, that Christmas in 1968 when everyone was watching the pictures from the spacecraft. She rested a while, contemplating Christmases past.

She’d been with this tree for years now, ever since she was a wee thing not long out of fairy-school. There had been another one. She’d played with that for two years and learned about the Outside from it, since that was where…

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