Notes from a small dog – Snowtime!

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Seeing as it had snowed and it doesn’t happen very often here, I made her take me out for a walk. I didn’t have to try very hard, I have to say…for once, she seemed as eager as me to go out to play.

We have long walks through the fields here. She says the country is all flat and boring. That’s ’cause she has no nose.You should smell this place! So many creatures and things! But we don’t often see many because they usually have loads of places to hide.

Except the ladies who munch. And the cows, of course, though they are inside for the winter now.

But there were birds everywhere…lots of them. Especially robins. Then she squeaked ’cause she’d seen a kestrel…

I had other things to do… exploring and stuff. She wouldn’t let me down the fox hole though, and she flatly refusd to let…

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