Snow Angel – a song

Anonymole - apocryphal abecedarian


It was this time,
last November,
headed out to see the folks.

The roads were icy,
I don’t remember,
how I lost you, your dreams,  your hopes.

Like feathers falling,
onto pillows,
where you rest your little head,
my snowangel,

Tiny foot prints,
in the snow drifts,
lead me back,
to where you lay.

Wings a ready,
smile gleaming,
with rosy cheeks,
I hear you say…

Daddy, see the pretty angel,
I made for you here in the snow,
help me up and leave it perfect,
I’m getting cold, it’s time to go…

White feathers falling,
forming pillows,
on which you rest your little head,
my snowangel,

And here I find you,
sleeping soundly,
white surrounds us,
here we hide.

My little darling,
how I miss you,
I hope you find,
the other side,

Soft feather falling,
making pillows,
on which you…

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