Ani’s advent… Christmas came early!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear Santa Claus, I woke to snow!

The world’s all white for me!

The garden is a wonderland

With snow on every tree!

She let me out to play a bit

But had to go to work,

I think she’d rather stay at home

But said she couldn’t shirk.

She got the car out from the snow

And headed off quite early,

“I’ll try not to be long,” she said,

“And then we’ll play, my girlie.”

The Sunday morning roads were bad,

And cars were getting stuck,

I thought she’d never make it home

And I’d be out of luck.

I sighed and watched each snowflake fall

She seemed to take all day….

But make it home she did at last,

I couldn’t wait to play!

I rolled my ball and buried it,

And made her chase and throw…

And soon she’ll put her wellies on

To wander in the…

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